Figure 2 of Weng, Mol Vis 2008; 14:562-571.

Figure 2. Pedigree analysis of the Kera-Cre transgenic mice mated with ZEG mice. Kera-Cre transgenic mice were crossbred with ZEG mice. Offspring from the mating male bitransgenic offspring (Kera-Cre/ZEG) with wild type C57BL6 mice, which carried the ZEG transgene, were whole body green regardless of the presence or absence of the Cre transgene. Symbols: squares, male; circles, female; dotted square and circle, bitransgenic mice with cornea-specific EGFP expression; filled square and circle, ZEG mice with whole body EGFP expression. Non-transgenic animals were indicated with blank squares or circles. (A) Green fluorescence was observed in the cornea of a two-month-old Kera-Cre/ZEG mouse. (B) EGFP expression in E14.5 embryos from the timed mating of a male bitransgenic Kera-Cre/ZEG with a C57BL/6 female was photographed using white light (right) and UV light (left) under a ZEISS fluorescent stereomicroscope. In each photo, the animal on the left is the ZEG embryo and the animal on the right is the wild type. Both photos showed identical animals (same embryo and same wild type animal) and just used different light sources to take each picture.