Figure 1 of Ananthi, Mol Vis 2008; 14:500-507.

Figure 1. Representative 2DE gel map of tear proteins of normal subjects and fungal keratitis patients. Tear proteins (270 μg) were separated using an 18 cm pH 3–10 NL IPG strip in the first dimension and 12.5% SDS–PAGE followed by coomassie blue G-250 staining in the second dimension. The identified normal tear proteins, cystatin S precursor (spot 1), cystatin SN precursor (spot 5), cystatin (spot 29), human tear lipocalin (spot 49), prolactin inducible protein (spot 34), serum albumin (spot 44), and fungal protein such as the glutaredoxin-related protein (spot 54) are marked and compared between control tear samples, Fusarium keratitis tear samples, and Aspergillus keratitis tear samples.