Figure 3 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2008; 14:37-49.

Figure 3. Mean area changes of grade 4 spots on day 20 after laser, day 14 and day 28 after intravitreal injection in control, 100 μg, 300 μg, and 500 μg KH902-treated groups

CNV spots were graded on a scale of 1-4 20 days after laser and on days 14 and 28 after intravitreal injection. The bigger area of grade 4 spots represented greater CNV leakage. The area of neovascularization was significantly less on days 14 and 28 than on day 20 after laser in the 300 μg and 500 μg KH902-treated eyes. Furthermore, the area was significant lower in the 300 μg and 500 μg KH902-treated eyes than in the control and 100 μg KH902-treated eyes (ANOVA, p<0.001). Grading scores were defined as follows: 1, no hyperfluorescence; 2, hyperfluorescence without leakage; 3, early hyperfluorescence and late mild leakage; 4, early hyperfluorescence and late severely dye leakage which transit and beyond the borders of the laser burn lesion.

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