Figure 6 of Funderburgh, Mol Vis 2008; 14:308-317.

Figure 6. Expression of fibrotic markers in spheroids in response to TGFβ. Cells in Advanced-DMEM were cultured as attached cells (AT) or spheroids (SP) with (TGF) or without (CTRL) TGFβ (2 ng/ml for five days). The relative abundance of mRNA was determined for the EDA form of fibronectin (EDA-FN; A) and for alpha-smooth muscle actin (SMA; B). C: Immunoblotting determined protein abundance in lysed samples of the spheroids for smooth muscle actin and EDA-fibronectin. Lane 1, attached control; Lane 2, attached TGFβ-treated; Lane 3, spheroid control; Lane 4, spheroid, TGFβ-treated.