Figure 3 of Su, Mol Vis 2008; 14:268-273.

Figure 3. Axonal length of cultured RGCs

Axonal length of cultured RGCs of experimental group (Nogo-A/B/C knockout mice) and control group (C57BL/6 control mice) in the third day. The RGCs were purified and cultured as described above. The body of RGCs is round or oval. The RGCs were stained with GAP-43 antibody. The regenerative axon was stained as yellow. A: Axonal length was longer in the third day for the experimental group (Nogo-A/B/C knockout mice). B: Axonal length of the control group (C57BL/6 control mice) of the same day.(datas can be seen in Table 2). The scale bars represent 40 μm (GAP-43 stain).

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