Figure 7 of Hamilton, Mol Vis 2008; 14:2535-2546.

Figure 7. In vivo biologic activity of Ad35-based vector in the mouse laser-induced CNV model. A: This is a schematic illustration of the mouse laser-induced CNV model. B: Mice were untreated (naïve) or received 1 IVT injection (1×109 pu) of either Ad5.L, Ad35.L (HI-RGD), Ad5.PEDF, or Ad35.PEDF (HI-RGD). Approximately 28 days following buffer or vector treatment, laser induction of CNV was performed. Fourteen days following laser induction, mice were perfused with fluorescein-labeled dextran, eyes harvested, choroidal flat mounts prepared, and CNV lesion size quantitated. Data are expressed as the mean±SEM (error bars) with an n=6 mice/treatment group, except for Ad5.L and Ad35.L (HI-RGD), which had an n=5 mice/treatment group. The asterisk points to a statistically significant difference between the Ad35.PEDF (HI-RGD)-treated group and all other treatment groups on Day 42 post injection (p<0.01, two-tailed Student’s t-test).