Figure 6 of Hamilton, Mol Vis 2008; 14:2535-2546.

Figure 6. PEDF expression profile following 1 IVT injection of Ad5 or Ad35-based vectors. PEDF levels in mouse eyes following a single IVT injection of 1×109 pu of Ad5.PEDF or Ad35.PEDF (HI-RGD). Naive animals served as negative controls. On Days 1, 28, and 60 post vector injection, eyes were harvested and PEDF levels quantitated by ELISA developed by GenVec, Inc. Data are expressed as the mean±SEM (error bars) with an n=15 mice/treatment group/time point, except for Day 60 which has an n=5 mice/treatment group. The asterisk points to a statistically significant difference between the Ad5 and Ad35 groups on Day 28 and 60 post injection (p<0.05, two-tailed Student’s t-test).