Figure 1 of Saban, Mol Vis 2008; 14:2435-2442.

Figure 1. ACAID is detectable up to 24 days following intracameral inoculation. A: ACAID induction is typically tested approximately 14 days post intracameral inoculation. C57BL/6 mice were intracamerally (IC) inoculated with allogeneic BALB/c splenocytes to induce ACAID. A subsequent immunization (IMM) with BALB/c splenocytes was administered subcutaneously on day 7 to prime IC inoculated mice. Naïve mice were similarly primed as a positive control. Following the challenge with BALB/c splenocytes delivered subcutaneously to the host ear pinnae (EAR), specific ear swelling was then measured to assess DTH. Naïve mice were also challenged as a negative control. B: ACAID was also detected 24 days post IC inoculation. In other mice, IMM was administered on day 12, and DTH was subsequently tested on day 24. Each group consisted of at least five mice or more, and an asterisk indicates statistical significance (p<0.05) calculated via ANOVA.