Figure 10 of Sumioka, Mol Vis 2008; 14:2272-2281.

Figure 10. Morphology of the endothelial surface as observed by scanning electron microscopy. Ultrastructurally, the inner surface of the cornea was occupied with elongated cells of a fibroblast-like morphology in an eye of the control group at week 1 (A). On the other hand, in an eye of the Smad7-Ad group, the inner corneal surface was found to be covered with enlarged flattened cells with a central nuclear elevation (arrows) in association with adhesion of spheroid cells in the central corneal zone (B). The inner corneal surface was also to be covered with relatively normal-like endothelial cells with a clear cell-cell contact, although the cells did not exhibit a hexagonal shape (C). Bar, 10 μm.