Table 4 of Sun, Mol Vis 2008; 14:2237-2262.

Table 4. Ion transporters and channels expressed in vivo, but not detected in culture

Apical membrane Basal membrane Unknown polarity
Like Na+, K+, 2Cl- cotransporter (splice isoform A) Like Na+ conductance (voltage-gated, type 8) ATP2B1, Ca2+-ATPase
*KCNJ3, K+-inwardly rectifying channel L-type Ca2+ Channel NDCBE1, Na+-driven ClHCO3 exchanger
*KCNJ5, K+-inwardly rectifying channel CACNA1B, L-type Ca2+ Channel KCND2, K+-voltage-gated channel
KCNA4, K+-voltage-gated channel CACNA1C, L-type Ca2+ Channel TASK2, volume-sensitive K+-channel
KCNC1, K+-voltage-gated channel CACNB4, Ca2+ Channel KCNC1, K+-voltage-gated channel
SLC24A2, Na+/K+/Ca2+ exchanger
*TALK-1, K+- channel

SLC16A5, moncarboxylic transporter