Figure 7 of Liang, Mol Vis 2008; 14:204-216.

Figure 7. Immunostaining of inflammatory (CD45) and apoptotic (TUNEL) markers in cryosections. Immunostaining of inflammatory (CD45 in green: line 1 limbus, line 2 conjunctiva) and apoptotic (TUNEL in green: line 3 limbus, line 4 conjunctiva) markers in cryosections of rabbit eyes instilled with PBS (A), BAK Sol (B), BAK Em (C), CKC Sol (D), and CKC Em (E) at D1 is shown. Nuclei were stained in red with propidium iodide. The scale bars indicate 100 μm. Immunohistology clearly showed that BAK Sol instillation induced numerous CD45+ inflammatory cells and TUNEL+ apoptotic cells infiltrating the limbus and conjunctiva zones. BAK Em and CKC Sol also induced moderate inflammatory/apoptotic cells. After CKC Em or PBS instillation, occasional inflammatory/apoptotic cells were found.