Figure 3 of Dratviman-Storobinsky, Mol Vis 2008; 14:2171-2179.

Figure 3. Oligodendrocyte cell loss in chiasm and optic nerves of CNPase-GFP mice at various intervals after crush injury. A: Fourteen days after crush injury; approximately 50% oligodendrocyte loss in right optic nerve (white arrow) as compared to the left optic nerve. Note the thin right optic nerve and the reduced fluorescence signal in the right axonal fibers crossing the chiasm toward the contralateral lateral geniculate body. B Ipsilateral (right) and C contralateral (left) lateral geniculate body (LGB) with 25% oligodendrocyte cell loss in the latter. D and E: Hoechst staining of both LGB can be seen, with 20% cell loss contralateral to the injured nerve (same magnification, 10X).