Figure 1 of Gorovoy, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1951-1959.

Figure 1. LIMK1 siRNA downregulates LIMK1 protein and suppresses fibronectin deposition in human corneal fibroblasts. A: western blot analysis. Corneal fibroblasts were transfected as indicated for 72 h. Cells were lysed and protein levels were analyzed using LIMK1 and GAPGH antibodies. B-E: Immunofluorescence microscopy using fibronectin antibody and DAPI staining in fibroblast cultures (B) untreated; (C) treated with 100 nM scrambled control siRNA; (D) treated with 50 nM of LIMK1-targeted siRNA; or (E) treated with 100 nM of LIMK1-targeted siRNA. F: Quantitative analysis of fibronectin secreted to the culture media by western blotting. Samples were untreated or treated with control or LIMK1-targeted siRNA as indicated. Experiments were performed 3 times yielding similar results. Error bars represent standard deviation. The asterisk indicates a p<0.025 (n=3) compared to scrambled siRNA.