Figure 7 of Yusifov, Mol Vis 2008; 14:180-188.

Figure 7. Characterization of tear endonuclease activity with inhibitors. Effects of endonuclease enzyme inhibitors: aurintricarboxylic acid (A), ZnCl2 (B), G-actin (C) and NiCl2 (D) on the activity of the minor endonuclease (■) and TL (▲).The standard deviations of all points varied between 10%–15%. Unlike other DNAses, the tear endonucleases are both sensitive to aurintricarboxylic acid and ZnCl2, but a different concentrations. Neither was affected by G-actin. The activity of TL was not abrogated by NiCl2. The minor endonuclease was only inhibited at a concentration of NiCl2 greater than 1 mM.