Figure 8 of Srivastava, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1872-1885.

Figure 8. Proteinase activity in four fractions (WS proteins, α-crystallin, βH-crystallin, and membrane fractions) following treatment with sodium deoxycholate and size-exclusion Agarose A1.5 m chromatography. WS proteins (A), α-crystallin fraction (B), βH-crystallin fraction (C), and membrane fraction (D). Each fraction was first isolated from a homogenate of six pooled lenses of donors 30–40 years old by Agarose A1.5 m chromatography. Next, each fraction was treated with the detergent and fractionated by the size-exclusion chromatography, and the column fractions were examined for their absorbance at 280 nm (red line) and proteinase activity (green line) with BAPNA as a substrate. Note that the proteinase activity eluted in the identical fractions during chromatography from each of the four fractions.