Figure 3 of Yao, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1865-1871.

Figure 3. Effect of fisetin on UVB-induced activation of NF-кB and degradation of IкB in HLE cells. A: SRA01/04 cells were exposed to UVB (30 mJ/cm2) with or without pretreatment with fisetin (25 μg/ml) for 1 h. Cells were harvested at 3 h and 6 h time points after UVB exposure, and cell lysates were prepared to determine the activation of NF-кB or degradation of IкB using western blot analysis. The graph represents the quantification results normalized to β-actin levels. Data represent the mean±SD of three individual experiments. The asterisk indicates p<0.05. B: Immunocytochemical analysis of NF-кB p65 localization is visualized. Cultured cells were incubated with anti-p65 antibody overnight at 4 °C as described in Methods. p65 is stained red, and the nuclei are stained blue. Representative fluorescent images were taken under fluorescence microscopy. Magnification, 100X.