Figure 2 of Wu, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1705-1712.

Figure 2. Flow cytomety assay of mitochondrial membrane potential changes with MitoLight dye in cultured porcine corneal endothelial cells under exposure to 0.00001, 0.0001, and 0.001 mg/ml mitomycin C for 24 h. A: The curves represent fluorescent changes in the absence of mitomycin C for 24 h (control, red color) or in the presence of 0.00001 (green color), 0.0001 (black color) and 0.001 (blue color) mg/ml mitomycin C. B: It is displayed the ratio of red fluorescence in the mitochondria and green fluorescence in the cytoplasm at different concentrations of mitomycin C with histogram. The asterisk denotes that p<0.05 when comparing the red and green fluorescence with control group. Two other independent experiments produced similar results.