Figure 3 of Xie, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1666-1672.

Figure 3. Electrophoretic mobility assays of PCR-RFLP and sequence results. A: PCR products were separated on 12% polyacrylamide gel from three representative samples, and the genotypes are shown for (1) Arg76Lys (227GA), (2) Pro13Leu (38 CT), and (3) Gln337Stop (1009C del). The sizes of the molecular weight marker and DNA fragments are shown in the left and the right sides of the gel, respectively. B: The representative chromatogram contains the sequence from the mutant DNA sequence strand for (1) Arg76Lys and (2) Pro13Leu as well as from the (3) wild-type and (4) mutant DNA sequence of Gln337Stop.