Figure 1 of Lu, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1614-1622.

Figure 1. The expression of CCL3 and its receptors in cornea after alkali injury. A: Semi-quantitative RT–PCR was performed to assess mRNA expression of CCL3 and its receptors, CCR1 and CCR5, and the ratios of target gene expression to β-actin were determined. All values represent the mean±SEM of three to five independent measurements. B: Whole eyes were obtained at 0, 2, 4, and 7 days after alkali injury and processed for immunohistochemical analysis using anti-CCL3 (upper panels) or anti-CCR1 antibodies (lower panels). Representative results from five individual animals are shown. Original magnifications, 400X. Scale bar, 50 μm.