Figure 2 of Raymond, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1559-1574.

Figure 2. Comparison of cyan fluorescent protein expression in the ganglion cell layer with DAPI-labeled retinal neurons. A: Image of a retinal wholemount through the midperipheral ganglion cell layer (GCL) showing that cyan fluorescent protein (CFP) expression is localized to numerous cell bodies. B: Image illustrates the same region as in A, showing DAPI fluorescence in all cell nuclei in the GCL. C: A merged image of A and B shows colocalization of CFP expression and DAPI nuclear labeling in about half of the neuronal nuclei in the GCL. Scale bar for A-C represents 50 μm. Graphs showing the average densities of CFP- and DAPI-labeled cells in the GCL along the dorsoventral (D) and nasotemporal (E) axes of five retinal wholemounts from five different thy1-CFP transgenic mice. Error bars are SEM.