Figure 7 of Surgucheva, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1540-1548.

Figure 7. γ-Synuclein subcellular localization was examined using immunofluorescent staining of rat retinal cells. A: DAPI (blue) counterstained the nuclei. B: Brn-3a (red) was localized to RGC nuclei. C: γ-synuclein (green) was co-expressed by the Brn-3a expressing cell (arrows) but only weakly by a non-Brn-3a-expressing cell (arrowhead). A merged image of A, B, and C is shown in D. Immunofluorescent staining of retinal cell suspension. A: DAPI, B: Brn-3a, C: γ-synuclein, D: merged images. Horizontal arrows show a cell immunopositive for both Brn-3a and γ-synuclein. Arrowhead (C and D) points to a cell not stained by Brn-3a antibody that is stained by a γ-synuclein antibody. Vertical arrow (C and D)points to the localization of γ-synuclein in the perinuclear area. Thus, brighter and broader cytoplasmic staining of γ-synuclein overlapped well with Brn-3a staining.