Figure 7 of Wheeldon, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1503-1512.

Figure 7. Representative light microscopy images of corneal buttons obtained at penetrating keratoplasty from affected family members. An irregular epithelium is demonstrated with a variable thick band of hyaline avascular connective tissue and/or fibrocellular tissue below; Bowman’s layer is largely obliterated. This material did not stain red with Masson’s trichrome stain. (A-H: Individual III:1); A: AB-10X, B: PAS-10X, C: MTC-10X, D: CR-10X, E: AB-40X, F: PAS-40X, G: MTC-40X, H: CR-40X. (I-L: Individual II:1), I: HE-5X, J: PAS-40X, K: HE-40X, L: CR-10X. (M-P: Individual III:2), M: HE-40X, N: PAS-40X, O: MTC-40X, P: CR-40X, and (Q-S: Individual III:5), Q: HE-40X, R: PAS-40X, S: MTC-40X. Abbreviations used in the legend are: AB=Alcian Blue, PAS=periodic acid Schiff, MTC=Massons trichrome, CR=Congo Red, and HE=hematoxylin and eosin.