Figure 2 of Aung, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1313-1318.

Figure 2. The c.770G>A (Arg257His) variation in MFRP. A: The wild type sequence is shown on the left to compare with the variant MFRP sequence on the right. The comparison depicts the G>A transition that changed codon 257 from arginine (CGC) in the wild type sequence to histidine (CAC) in the variant MFRP sequence. B: Protein alignment of human (H. sapiens) MFRP (residues 242-273) is compared to other MFRP-like Proteins from other species, i.e., cow (B. taurus), mouse (M. musculus), rat (R. norvegicus), fugu (T. rubripes), puffer fish (T. nigroviridis), and Xenopus (X. tropicalis). This comparison shows the conservation of the arginine 257 residue of MFRP.