Figure 2 of Liu, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1234-1239.

Figure 2. Slit lamp photographs of the affected family members with LCD I due to an R124C mutation in TGFBI. A: The eye of proband in family A (IV-10) shows the typical lattice lines of LCD I (white arrow). B and C: III-4 of family A (B) and II-5 of family C (C) show diffuse opacity occupying the central cornea with superimposed amorphous deposits (yellow arrow), which is quite different from typical LCD I. III-4 from family A also manifested thin branching refractive lines in the anterior corneal stroma (white arrow). D: The eye of the proband of family B (III-3) shows a diffuse opacity throughout the cornea, and no lattice lines could be found. There is also neovascular infiltration from the limbus of the cornea (black arrows).