Figure 7 of Lu, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1187-1203.

Figure 7. LSCM visualization of pan-cadherin immuno-fluorescence at a posterior suture branch. Paired fluorescent (A) and DIC (B) images of an oblique optical section. A: Because the lens surface is curved, this optical section demonstrates fluorescence due to cadherin family proteins in both the BMC (upper portion) and in the lateral fiber membranes (lower right). Notably, fluorescence is absent from the sutural region (asterisk) A and B are at identical magnification. C-D: Paired fluorescent (C) and DIC (D) LSCM images of a posterior suture branch in a detergent-extracted section. Unmasking of antigenic sites via this technique failed to reveal cadherin labeling at, and adjacent to the posterior sutures (asterisk). C and D are at identical magnification. E-F: Paired fluorescent (E) and DIC (F) images of fully-elongated fibers that have detached from the capsule and abutted to form a suture branch. Although the posterior tips of these maturing fibers lack cadherin (asterisk), strong cadherin fluorescence was apparent on the lateral fiber membranes flanking the region where fiber ends abut and interdigitate. E and F are at identical magnification.