Figure 6 of Lu, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1187-1203.

Figure 6. LSCM images of double-labeling for N-cadherin and F-actin at a posterior suture branch. Both N-cadherin (A, inset in D) and F-actin (B) were present at the margins of the BMC in the peri-sutural region. The merged image (C) of N-cadherin (red) and F-actin (green) fluorescence showed that they were largely co-localized at cell borders (yellow to orange coloration). However, in the sutural region, immunofluorescence for N-cadherin was conspicuously decreased (asterisk in A and sutural region in C). The location of the suture branch is indicated in the DIC image (D, arrows). A through D are at identical magnification. Inset is a higher magnification of boxed area in panel A (bar=10 µm) showing N-cadherin labeling in the BMC and demonstrates that N-cadherin was distributed fairly evenly around the BMC periphery.