Figure 5 of Devi, Mol Vis 2008; 14:1157-1170.

Figure 5. Mutation analysis of γ-crystallin genes. A: Family CCW-33 shows an R168W mutation in CRYGC. B: Family CCW-45 shows an R140X mutation in CRYGD. C: Family CCW47 shows a S39C mutation in CRYGS. D: RFLP analysis of CRYGS exon 1 shows the loss of HpyF10VI site (mutant allele-274 bp and 204 bp, wild-type allele-478 bp). E: Individual V:3 of family CCW47 shows sutural cataract. F: Individual II:1 of family CCW33 shows lamellar cataract. M denotes 100 bp DNA ladder, and C denotes unrelated control.