Table 1 of Li, Mol Vis 2007; 13:813-822.

Table 1. Toll-like receptor1-10 gene expression by Taqman real time PCR analysis

ΔCt of TLR1-10 gene transcripts. ΔCt of each transcript was calculated by subtracting the Ct of β-actin from the Ct of target TLR. N refers to the number of different samples analyzed. Triplicated PCR analysis was carried out for each sample. The data presented is the average ΔCt±SEM. Corneal epithelial cells were collected by laser microdissection. Conjunctival epithelial cells were collected by nitrocellulose paper. ND: nondetectable. NA: data not available due to limited amount of RNA obtained from the samples. The asterisk denotes a p<0.05 when cultured conjunctival cells compared to cultured limbal epithelial cells. The sharp (hash mark) denotes a p<0.05 when cultured conjunctival epithelial cells compared to non-cultured conjunctival epithelial cells collected by nitrocellulose paper.

          Corneal     Conjunctival    Cultured       Cultured
        epithelial     epithelial      limbal      conjunctival
Gene    cells (n=2)   cells (n=5)    cells (n=6)   cells (n=6)
-----   -----------   ------------   -----------   ------------
TLR1     7.64±1.00     6.33±0.54#     9.42±0.58*    12.78±0.58
TLR2     8.17±1.02     7.86±0.65#     7.06±0.72*    12.26±0.72
TLR3     5.55±0.93     4.42±0.59#    11.51±0.66     13.35±0.66
TLR4        NA         5.36±0.63#    12.69±1.78     15.56±3.06
                                       (n=5)          (n=4)
TLR5     4.75±0.92     4.91±0.58#     9.12±0.65     10.66±0.53
TLR6    11.40±1.27    13.28±0.80#    16.53±0.90     18.20±0.80
TLR7        NA            NA             ND             ND
TLR8        NA            NA             ND             ND
TLR9        ND        12.53±1.28     14.86±0.21     15.42±1.81
                        (n=3)                         (n=4)
TLR10       NA            NA             ND            ND

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