Figure 2 of Guleria, Mol Vis 2007; 13:797-803.

Figure 2. Mutation analysis of family CC-472

A: DNA sequence of a portion of GJA3, showing the heterozygous 260C>T transition that changes threonine to methionine at codon 87 in affected individual (II:1). B: DNA sequence electropherogram of unaffected individual (I:1). C: NlaIII restriction digestion analysis of amplified DNA at the mutation site. The 308 bp PCR product is cleaved into four fragments (306 bp, 261 bp, 45 bp, and 2 bp) in affected individuals (I:2 and II:1) and into two fragments (306 bp and 2 bp) in unaffected individuals (I:1 and II:2).

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