Figure 2 of Andrieu-Soler, Mol Vis 2007; 13:692-706.

Figure 2. Eye sections of treated and control PN28 rd1 mice and outer nuclear layer cell counting

Hematoxylin and eosin stained sections of rd1 eyes showed an increased number of nuclei rows in the outer nuclear layer (ONL) of oligonucleotide (ODN)-treated eyes. A: Untreated mouse. B: PBS-treated mouse. C: Mouse treated with WTAS ODN (corresponding to wild type antisense sequence). D: Mouse treated with WTS ODN (corresponding to wild type sense sequence). E: Counting of nuclei in the ONL shows a significant increase of nuclei in WTAS ODN- and WTS ODN-treated eyes compared to PBS-treated and untreated eyes (*p<0.05). Scale bars are A, B, C, and D, 100 μm.

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