Table 2 of Szabo, Mol Vis 2007; 13:659-666.

Table 2. Maximal IOP values in patients carrying various alleles of N363S, Bcl I, and ER22/23EK polymorphisms.

Patients carrying the G allele of the N363S polymorphism had significantly higher maximal IOP during the prednisolone acetate treatment (marked with asterisks, p=0.03). Other factors, like frequency of Bcl I and ER22/23EK polymorphisms, photoablation depth, and initial IOP, were statistically significant neither in analysis groups A1 and A2 nor in analysis group B. Abbreviations: SNP: Single nucleotide polymorphism, WT: wild type, P: polymorphic genotype, n: number of eyes studied.

                        Maximal IOP during steroid therapy (mmHg, mean±SD)
   SNP      Genotype     Analysis A1        Analysis A2        Analysis B
---------   --------   ----------------   ---------------   ----------------
N363S       WT:AA      18.2±4.3 (n=124)   24.4±8.1 (n=37)   23.4±7.9 (n=70)*

            P:AG       16.0±1.2 (n=8)     27.7±6.2 (n=5)    31.0±7.8 (n=6)*

Bcl I       WT:GG      18.4±4.3 (n=64)    26.7±8.4 (n=23)   25.0±8.9 (n=26)

            P:GC,CC    17.7±4.1 (n=68)    22.5±6.8 (n=19)   23.4±7.3 (n=40)

ER22/23EK   WT:GG      18.0±4.3 (n=131)   24.5±8.0 (n=39)   24.0±8.2 (n=72)

            P:GC,CC    19.0 (n=1)         27.8±6.0 (n=3)    26.3±4.9 (n=4)

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