Figure 1 of Ziebarth, Mol Vis 2007; 13:504-510.

Figure 1. Atomic force microscope for elasticity measurements

The atomic force microscopy (AFM) system for elasticity measurements is a laboratory-made modification of the AFM design used for imaging [15,20]. It is shielded inside an acoustic/vibration isolation chamber. A: The cantilever is moved vertically using a piezoelectric translator that responds to applied voltage. A Petri dish containing the lens is placed below the cantilever, and the cantilever is lowered onto the lens. The cantilever is bent, causing the beam of the laser diode to be deflected. A photodiode monitors these deflections. Custom software controls the piezoelectric translator and times the measurements. B: Shown is a labeled photograph of the AFM used for lens capsule elasticity measurements.

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