Figure 8 of Biswas, Mol Vis 2007; 13:345-359.

Figure 8. Specific association of unique tubulovesicular structures with gap junction plaques in the inner cortical fibers

A number of vesicular structures with characteristic tubular configurations are observed in gap junction plaques distributed in both outer and inner cortical fibers. They are more often found in the inner cortex (A, C, and D). Asterisks denote the cytoplasm in which the tubulovesicular structures (vs) are located. The distinct separation between the P-face of the junction membrane and the underlying tubulovesicular structures is indicated by the arrows. E: Thin-section TEM reveals the presence of a cluster of vesicular structures of a single unit membrane in the cytoplasm closely associated with a fiber gap junction (gj). The scale bars are equal to 200 nm.

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