Figure 3 of McMahon, Mol Vis 2007; 13:258-272.

Figure 3. Expression of Elovl4 and Stgd3 mRNAs in mouse eyecups

S1-nuclease protection assay, using a 322-nucleotide (N) riboprobe, detected a 182-N fragment protected by Elovl4 (wt) mRNA and two fragments (126 Ns and 51 Ns) protected by Stgd3 (mutant) mRNA. A: Elovl4 mRNA levels in wt/wt retinas remained constant through the day/night cycle. B: Stgd3/wt retinas from 1-month-old mice expressed equivalent amounts of both wt and Stgd3 mRNAs (ratio 1.02±0.06; mean±SD, n=5). The level of Elovl4 mRNA in these mice was a half (51%±6; mean±SD, n=4) of that detected in the wt/wt littermates. RNA size standards in a range of 100 N-500 N are shown. C: The epidermal level of mutated Elovl4 mRNA (Stgd3 mRNA) in neonatal Stgd3/Stgd3 mice is comparable to the Elovl4 mRNA levels in wt/wt and Stgd3/wt littermates.

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