Figure 5 of Reza, Mol Vis 2007; 13:18-30.

Figure 5. Whole-mount and cryosection in situ hybridization exhibit ectopic expression of Six3 when L-Maf, but not c-Maf and MafB, is misexpressed

Electroporated chick embryos with L-Maf (A-E), c-Maf (F-J), MafB (K-O), and empty vector (P,Q) were analyzed whole and in sections at stage 16 to follow the expression of Six3. Ectopic Six3 was detectable in the surface ectoderm expressing exogenous L-Maf (B; yellow box shown in the inset; D; yellow arrows), but undetectable in c-Maf (G,I) and MafB (L,N) expressing cells outside lens. Contralateral nonelectroporated eyes showed normal expression of Six3 (E,J,O). Embryo electroporated with empty vector as control showed only endogenous expression of Six3 (Q). Green fluorescence of GFP depicts electroporated cells (1st and 3rd columns). This figure is representative of at least three independent experiments. For whole-mounts, five to six embryos were used each time.

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