Figure 3 of Li, Mol Vis 2007; 13:2282-2288.

Figure 3. Role of iROS generation in the induction of NF-κB and proinflammatory mediators

The activation of NF-κB measured by the NoShift II NF-κB assay and the induction of IL-6, IL-8, IL-1α, and ELAM-1 measured by real-time Q-PCR, were evaluated in pTM cells treated with H2O2 in the presence or absence of 5 μM Fccp. The data show percentage changes in cultures treated with Fccp and H2O2 compared to those treated with vehicle (ethanol) and H2O2. A double asterisk means p<0.01; three asterisks mean p<0.001 (n=3).

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