Table 3 of Roger, Mol Vis 2007; 13:206-219.

Table 3. Genes isolated by subtractive suppressive hybridization in a DC6 (downregulated by ciliary neurotrophic factor after six days in vitro) library

DC6 subtraction suppressive hybridization library was generated using RNA from control explants as driver and the RNA from six days in vitro (6DIV)-ciliary neurotrophic factor treated explants as tester. Clone represents the cDNA number in the library; bp denotes the size in base pair of the cDNA; blast result indicates the published sequence identical to the clone sequence Symbol, Accession number, and Homologene refer to the available on-line datas for the published sequence. Status represents the cDNA characterization in this study: A for analyzed, R for rejected, no for gene that didn't exhibit gene expression variation, and V for gene validating the library. cDNA were classified accordingly to their gene ontology (GO).

Clone    bp               Blast result            Symbol       number       Homo    Status
-----   ----   --------------------------------   -------   ------------   ------   ------
        GO: apoptosis

D2      284    Caspase-3                          Casp3     NM_012922      37912    V
A7      258    Bcl-2 associated transcription     Bclaf     XM_214967      8832     A

        GO : Regulation of gene expression

E2      693    Cone-Rod homeobox protein          Crx       NM_021855      467      V
F2      521    Bromodomain adjacent zinc          Baz2b     XM_229225      8394     A
               finger domain 2b
G4      574    t-complex associated testis        Tcte1l    NM_001013228   21304    no
               expressed 1 like
C5      369    Riken cDNA 1500031M22              Dimt1     XM_00106535    0 7047   R
D8      710    C21 ORF66 Isoform D                N/A       unknown        9604     R

        GO: Protein modification

D1      465    Ste-20 related kinase              Spak      AF099990       22739    A
C2      445    Ubiquitin Specific Peptidase 32    Usp32     NM_220798      13066    A
B6      688    Acidic nuclear phosphoprotein 32   Anp32e    NM_001013200   41519    A
               family member E
B2      290    Protein tyrosine phosphatase       Ptpip51   BC082081       34926    A
               interracting protein
G7      1036   Epm2a interracting protein         Epm2aip   XM_236659      8875     A
D4      240    Riken cDNA 5330408N05 gene         N/A       XM_23000       36420    R

        GO: Protein localization

C7      490    Translocation protein 1            Tloc1     BC099207       2449     A
        GO : signal transduction
A2      501    ADP-ribosylation factor 4          Arf4      NM_024151      55593    A
F11     350    Homolog to TBC1 Domain family      Tbc1d15   XM_345825      11249    R
               mb 15

        GO: Cell Ion Homeostasis

F5      670    Iron Responsive Element            Ireb2     NM_022863      11280    no
               Binding protein 2

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