Table 2 of Roger, Mol Vis 2007; 13:206-219.

Table 2. Genes isolated by subtractive suppressive hybridization in a UC6 (upregulated by ciliary neurotrophic factor after six days in vitro) library

UC6 subtraction suppressive hybridization library was generated using RNA from six days in vitro (6DIV)-ciliary neurotrophic factor treated explants as tester and the RNA from control as driver. cDNAs from this library were screened for differential expression and sequenced. Clone denotes the cDNA number in the library; bp represents the size in base pair of the cDNA; blast result indicates the published sequence identical to the clone sequence; symbol, accession number and Homo refer to the available homologene on-line datas for the published sequence. Status represents the cDNA characterization in this study: A for analyzed, R for rejected, no for gene that didn't exhibit gene expression variation, and V for gene validating the library.

Clone   bp             Blast result              Symbol     number    Homo    Status
-----   ---   --------------------------------   ------   ---------   -----   ------
9H      234   Glial fibrillary acidic protein    Gfap     NM_017009   1554      V
6H      692   Pleiotrophin                       Ptn      NM_017066   2117      A
4F      270   Oncostatin M receptor              Osmr     AB167522    2972      A
2G      370   Nuclear Receptor coactivator 1     Ncoa1    XM_233944   7859      no
10A     609   Glycyl t-RNA synthase              Gars     BC088347    1547      no
1H      486   RNA binding motif protein          Rbmx     unknown     20494     R
3B      367   Similar to RIKEN cDNA 3930401K13   N/A      BC085931    12252     R

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