Figure 4 of Yuan, Mol Vis 2007; 13:2083-2095.

Figure 4. Myocilin-specifc hairpin siRNAs targeting various mutation regions

Myocilin-specific shRNAs were generated from shMYOCpH1 plasmids that targeted amino acids including R76 (A), E352 (B), K423 (C), and N480 (D) of myocilin protein. Mutations of these residues have been associated with POAG and JOAG. R76 is located in the myosin-like domain of myocilin whereas the other three amino acids are located in the olfactomedin-like domain of myocilin. sp: signal peptide; myosin: myosin-like domain; olfactomedin: olfactomedin-like domain.

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