Figure 3 of Yuan, Mol Vis 2007; 13:2083-2095.

Figure 3. Suppression of KE-EGFP in HEK293 cells by a short hairpin RNA targeting the 3'-UTR region of KE

A: HEK293 cells were cotransfected with KEpEGFP plasmids and control plasmids as a baseline. B: Fluorescent signals of KE-EGFP in cultured HEK293 cells were significantly reduced by cotransfection with KE-3'UTRpH1-shRNA. C: Western blot of protein lysates of HEK293 cells from A (lane 1) and from B (lane 2) to demonstrate the reduction of KE by KE-3'UTRpH1-shRNA is shown. Protein bands (10 μg/lane) were probed with a custom-made anti-KE antibody. Presence of KE-EGFP fusion proteins in HEK293 cells was noted after cotransfection of KEpEGFP with control plasmid in lane 1 (as indicated by KE). Significant reduction of KE-EGFP fusion proteins (as indicated by KE) was noted after cotransfection of KEpEGFP with KE-3'UTRpH1-shRNA in lane 2.

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