Table 2 of McGowan, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1984-2000.

Table 2. Secondary antibodies

Below is a list of secondary antibodies used for immunofluorescence together with their description, conjugation, absorption, and emission wavelengths and catalog numbers. All secondary antibody dilution information is listed in Table 1. All antibodies were used as described in the Methods section. All antibodies were from Abcam, Cambridge, MA. In the table, "Texas Red" is Texas Red sulfonyl chloride, "FITC" is Diaminotriazinylaminofluorescein, and "TRITC" is Tetramethylrhodamine isothiocyanate.

                                       Absorption/   Catalog
      Antibody          Conjugation     emission     number
---------------------   -----------   -------------   -------
Rabbit anti-Mouse IgG    Texas Red    596 nm/620 nm   ab6726
Goat anti-Mouse IgG         FITC      495 nm/528 nm   ab6785
Sheep anti-Rabbit IgG    Texas Red    596 nm/620 nm   ab6793
Rabbit anti-Rat IgG        TRITC      550 nm/570 nm   ab6731

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