Table 1 of Rosenberg, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1962-1969.

Table 1. Clinical classification of phenotypes

The table presents the clinical delineations used, distinguishing among five types and two subtypes. RPE represents retinal pigment epithelium, ERG represents electroretinography.

           Phenotype                        Clinical characteristics
--------------------------------   -----------------------------------------------
1. Stargardt maculopathy           Oval-shaped RPE irregularity and thinning,
                                   "beaten bronze" reflexes, and perifoveal
                                   yellow-grey flecks

2. Stargardt-flavimaculatus and    Abundant fish-tail-like yellowish flecks
   Fundus flavimaculatus           outside the  foveal  area with foveal
                                   atrophy of RPE

3a. Central and peripheral RPE-    Ill-defined macular RPE-atrophy with
    choriocapillaris atrophy       coarse hyperpigmentation and peripheral
                                   atrophic RPE speckles and/or webs

3b. Atypical RP (choroidoretinal   Diffuse choroidoretinal dystrophy with
    photoreceptor dystrophy)       narrow arterioles, constricted visual fields,
                                   and severely reduced full-field ERG rod
                                   and cone responses

4.  Cone-rod dystrophy             Foveal RPE atrophy with early predominant
                                   cone affection of the full-field ERG

5a. Bull's eye maculopathy         Foveal bull's eye lesion without flecks,
                                   varied involvement of peripheral RPE atrophy,
                                   and normal or subnormal full-field ERG

5b. Unspecified maculopathy        Foveal RPE atrophy without flecks and
                                   without significant ERG changes

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