Figure 8 of Yamanaka, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1730-1739.

Figure 8. SB202190 decreases migration of subconjunctival cells following wounding but not proliferation in vitro

The closure of the liner defect produced in fibroblast monolayer is delayed with SB202190. In control defect is completely healed within 48 h, but still not in test culture (A,B). Percent remaining defect in monolayer cell sheet shown in B. Addition of SB202190 reduces the rate of closure. The data show the percent remaining defect in each culture condition shown in A. For this value, the width was measured at three independent points and the mean value was compared to the width of the original defect. Cell proliferation is not significantly affected by adding SB2020190 up to day 7 (C).

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