Figure 7 of Yamanaka, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1730-1739.

Figure 7. SB202190 effects on production of extracellular matrix components in cultured subconjunctival cells

SB202190 reduces expression level of col Ia2 both in the presence and absence of exogenous TGFβ1, but the reduction is more marked in TGFβ1-plus culture (A). CTGF mRNA is faintly detected in TGFβ1-minus culture, but adding TGFβ1 remarkably upregulated it. This upregulation of CTGF mRNA is counteracted by adding SB202190 (B). SB202190 does not have any effect on production of type-I collagen (C,D) and fibronectin (E,F) fibroblast cultures in the absence of exogenous TGFβ1 in culture medium and in cell lysate. Adding TGFβ1 increases both components in medium and lysate, and this increment is reversed by further addition of SB202190. The asterisk indicates a p<0.05 and the double asterisk denotes a p<0.01.

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