Figure 4 of Yamanaka, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1730-1739.

Figure 4. SB202190 reduces effects of TGFβ1 activation of p38MAPK

Under quiescent conditions in the absence of exogenous TGFβ1 (A,F), as well as at 0.5 h after TGFβ1 addition (B,G), a low level of phosphorylated p38MAPK is detected in the cytoplasm, but not in the nuclei of the cells. At 1 h after addition of TGFβ1 (C,H), phospho-p38MAPK is markedly upregulated in the nuclei and cytoplasm and lasted until 6 h (D,I). At 12 h, the expression of phospho-p38MAPK returns to the basal level (E,J). This activation of p38MAPK and its nuclear translocation are abolished by adding SB202190 (K-R). The scale bar is equal to 10 μm.

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