Table 1 of Roman, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1701-1710.

Table 1. Comparison of ERG measures among different dose levels

The table includes mean (std.error) values for photoreceptor- and postreceptor-based ERG measures in each of the five groups of eyes as well as showing the statistical significance of the overall differences and linear trend. Photoreceptor measure corresponds to log(Rmax*S) parameter derived from ERG photoresponses and it is specified in units of log μV. scot-cd-1.m2.s-3. Postreceptor measure corresponds to log(Vmax/K) parameter derived from ERG luminance response functions and it is specified in units of log μV. scot-cd-1.m2.s-1. One-way ANOVA with repeated measures was used to evaluate overall differences which were highly significant. Both ERG parameters show a significant linear trend with dose suggesting a dose response relationship. Pairwise post-hoc comparisons are made between the eyes at each dose level and control eyes, and significance of the differences specified with asterisk: single asterisk corresponds to 0.01<p<0.05, and double asterisk corresponds to p<0.01.

ERG measure     Control   0.01X    0.1X     0.3X     1X       Overall   Linear trend
                (N=44)    (N=5)    (N=10)   (N=11)   (N=8)    p-value     p-value
-------------   -------   ------   ------   ------   ------   -------   ------------
Photoreceptor   2.89      2.92     3.56*    4.64**   4.93**   <0.0001   0.0002
                (0.04)    (0.18)   (0.29)   (0.17)   (0.36)
Postreceptor    0.34      0.49     0.98**   2.02**   3.08**   0.0003    0.0003
                (0.06)    (0.21)   (0.19)   (0.28)   (0.47)

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