Table 5 of Soest, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1608-1617.

Table 5. Main research questions considered in previous retinal gene expression studies

This table shows the overview of main research questions from previous retinal gene expression studies. The abbreviations in the table are: expressed sequence tagged site (EST); serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE); rod outer segment (ROS); retinal pigment epithelium (RPE).

       Publication                             Main research question(s)/outcome
------------------------   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Wistow et al (2002) [19]   EST/gene detection in neural retina
Sharon et al (2002) [17]   SAGE/gene detection in peripheral and macula (neural retina)
Chowers et al (2004)[21]   Gene detection in short term RPE culture after ROS addition
Ishabishi (2004) [8]       Gene expression similarity of peripheral and macular RPE cells from older
                           human donor eyes
Bowes-Rickman (2006)[18]   (Eye) SAGE/gene detection differences between macula and midperipheral
                           neural retina and topographically matched RPE/choroid
Kociok (2007)[20]          Gene expression differences between RPE/choroid using realtime PCR of a set
                           of functionally important genes.
Van Soest (this study)     Gene expression differences in peripheral and macular RPE cells from young
                           human donor eyes

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