Table 1 of van Wijngaarden, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1508-1515.

Table 1. Reference genes used in other studies

The following abbreviations were used: acidic ribosomal phosphoprotein (ARBP), cyclophilin A (CYCA), glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, (GAPDH), hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (HPRT), RNA polymerase II (RNAP2), succinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit A (SDHA).

        Reference gene                                  Study context                               Stability of gene expression               Ref
----------------------------------   --------------------------------------------------   --------------------------------------------------   ---
ARBP                                 Hypercarbic OIR in rats                              ARBP expression stability not assessed.              30
Beta-actin; CYCA; GAPDH; 28S rRNA    Direct comparison of reference gene expression       28S rRNA stably expressed in all cell lines          31
                                     stability in 4 cultured cell lines in normoxia and   irrespective of oxygen tension; GAPDH expression
                                     hypoxia.                                             induced strongly by hypoxia; variation in
                                                                                          expression of beta-actin and CYCA with hypoxia.
ARBP                                 Normal murine post-natal retinal development.        ARBP expression stable during development, minor     32
                                                                                          variation in expression between earliest
                                                                                          time-points (day 1 and day 3).
ARBP                                 Mouse retina, brain, liver: RNA from mice of mixed   ARBP expression stability not specifically           33
                                     ages and genotypes.                                  addressed.
ARBP; 28S rRNA; cyclophilin; GAPDH   Murine OIR: measurement of gene expression after     ARBP expression stable at all time-points; 28S       34
                                     hyperoxia and during relative hypoxia.               expression decreased slightly after 12 h of
                                                                                          relative hypoxia; expression stability of other
                                                                                          genes not stated.
Beta-actin; GAPDH; HPRT; SDHA        Rat cultured cortical neurons: response to anoxia    Expression stability of individual reference genes   35
                                     with or without growth factors.                      not stated; geometric mean of all four genes used
                                                                                          for normalization.
Beta-actin; HPRT; GAPDH              Adult rat retina made ischemic by brief episode      HPRT and GAPDH showed stable expression;             36
                                     of elevated intraocular pressure.                    beta-actin was upregulated in ischemia compared
                                                                                          with controls.
Beta-actin; CYCA; GAPDH              Adult rat focal cerebral ischemia model.             Significant down-regulation of CYCA and GAPDH with   37
                                                                                          ischemia; beta-actin expression increased.
CYCA                                 Murine OIR: gene expression measured at 10           CYCA expression stable during normal retinal         38
                                     time-points after birth.                             development; expression stability during and after
                                                                                          hyperoxia not stated.
GAPDH; 18S rRNA                      Neonatal rats exposed to hypoxia and                 No mention of reference gene expression stability    39
                                     reoxygenation; brain, other tissues examined.        but similar results attained after normalization
                                                                                          with either gene.
GAPDH                                Adult rat retina; ischemia/reperfusion injury.       GAPDH expression stability not assessed.             40
Beta-actin; gamma-actin              Development of rat brain from embryonic day 11 to    Beta-actin significantly downregulated in neurons    41
                                     adult; expression assessed at protein level.         during normal development; gamma-actin
                                                                                          developmentally stable.
13 reference genes including RNAP2   Systematic comparison of 13 genes in 16 different    RNAP2 stable expression in all tissues; little       5
                                     human tissues under different conditions;            change in expression in T cell line following
                                     hyperoxia/hypoxia not examined.                      mitogenic stimulation.

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