Figure 2 of Wimplinger, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1475-1482.

Figure 2. Targeting of ectopically expressed HCCS wild type and the E159K mutant to mitochondria

Subcellular localization of HA-tagged HCCS proteins ectopically expressed in CHO-K1 cells (A and D) and staining of endogenous mitochondria by MitoTracker are shown (B and E). HA-tagged HCCS wild type protein (A, green) is targeted to mitochondria (B, red) as shown by colocalization with the MitoTracker (yellow pseudocolor in C). Similarly, HA-tagged HCCS E159K mutant protein (D, green) shows a mitochondrial (E, red) distribution (yellow pseudocolor in F). The scale bar represents 10 μm.

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