Table 3 of Bagiyeva, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1458-1468.

Table 3. Polymerase chain reaction primers and enzymes used for restriction fragment length polymorphisms cosegregation analyses in families bearing the mutations indicated

The restriction enzymes used for cosegregation analyses in families bearing the missense CYP1B1 mutations. The plus (+) or minus (-) symbol indicate gain or loss of the enzyme restriction site in the mutated sequence.

Mutations   Restriction enzymes   PCR primers               Families
---------   -------------------   ------------   -------------------------------
G61E        TaqI (+)              CYP2F//CYP2R   PCG2; PCG6; PCG13; PCG20; PCG25

R469W       AciI (-)              CYP3F//3SeqR   PCG9; PCG32; PCG35

R117W       BseNI (+)             CYP2F//2SeqR   PCG9

G329V       SfoI (-)              CYP2F//CYP2R   PCG21

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